Globalchem India was formed in the year 1995 with the intention to serve the global community .

Our main aim since then is providing to different parts of the world Pharma ingredients and Formulations for Human use, Veterinary ,Contrast Media, Agrochem, pesticides, essential oils, steroids, etc  of good quality at affordable prices

It has been found world over that some buyers face difficulty in coordination with the suppliers from India and China and many of them look for some one who can assure them quality products at competitive prices and flexible payment terms. We have the network to check the credit worthiness of the buyer before extending DA  terms

With our base in India and China, we are able to cater to different continents requirements and our group has already covered 90 plus countries so far  and are aiming to cover 150 countries by the year 2030 in supply of good quality products at affordable prices and payment terms

We cater to small, medium and big enterprises requirement  as well as Individuals who have contacts in their country, but not able to find a person who can help them in earning some commission on a legal  business deal concuded through them by way of supply of materials

We can arrange for required documentation for registration like DMF, CEP .  If you want the manufacturer to have  US  FDA /EU GMP  or any other regulatory requirements, we can comply with.

We can also provide Technical Know-how  for manufacturing a product and implement supply and installation of machine in any part of the world on turn-key basis

It is the duty of the importing country to inform us the Patent Status of a product before approaching for supplies

For products which are controlled in nature, it is a must for the importer to provide the required import licences from the importing country and  only after the receipt of workable export licences, the goods can be shipped by the exporter . We have to comply strictly these Rules

If you are individual who have put in long years of service and want to earn some commission either in free time or full time in supply of legal material, we can assist you in your goal and do write to us

Look forward to hear from you

Globalchem India